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Preconstruction Planning & Design

Preconstruction involves performing preliminary planning and engineering in order to define the project, identify potential issues, and analyze cost impacts. Defining the project scope, schedule, and cost as early as possible with the most efficient use of resources and experience. Our Preconstruction efforts ultimately help the owner determine if the project is even viable or not. If viable, Preconstruction defines the scope of work enough to determine a firm cost and schedule for the project.

Commercial & Residential Wiring

Whether wiring new construction, remodeling existing or performing service work at your home or business, D&S ELECTRICAL strives to maintain the high standard of quality, integrity and hard work that our customers have come to know, expect and deserve.  We provide the best service possible.  Our qualified staff allows us to provide prompt and efficient service. If you have any questions about an electrical project, problem or repair please contact us via telephone or email and we will be happy to assist you.

Network Services & Network Cabling

We understand that your network cabling is the backbone of your organization.


  • Cabling installation (Cat 5e, Cat 6, Coax)

  • Network - IP Cameras

  • Network Switch Installation

  • Cable structure and management

  • Server rack installation and wiring

  • Wiring closets and server rooms

  • Computer network cabling installation

  • Cabling to expand a present network

  • Patch Panel wiring

  • Wireless/Wifi Services

  • Installing wireless to existing network

  • Installing new wireless network

  • Synchronize wireless devices to work with wireless network

  •  Wireless hot spot hubs

  • Wireless printers

  • Access Points 

  • Wireless cameras

  • Wireless range extenders

  • WiFi Signal Boosters

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